YouTube mobile gets Android TV inspired animated loading screen

YouTube: Google-owned video streaming platform has reportedly started to get the animated loading screen for smartphones which was first seen on Android TV in 2022. Google has stated that the new animation is part of an identity update which aims at creating a visual appeal and easily recognisable brand image. As per the reports of 9to5Google, the animation was said to be inspired by the old CRT TVs- which was television device that uses cathode ray tubes (which was used earlier, before the invention of the flat-screen TV).

The procedure includes a new loading bar icon that includes the familiar YouTube play-head and a red progress bar. This new loading screen, like the Android TV version, will appear only if users have not used the YouTube application in a long time or have recently updated, the report said.


Meanwhile, YouTube has introduced a number of new features to its Premium service users, including higher quality video for web and iOS users, support for co-watching videos on FaceTime through Apple’s SharePlay and other controls for managing their queue on mobile devices.

The company has launched an enhanced bitrate version of 1080p HD video quality starting on iOS (and an experiment coming to the Web soon too) to provide an even higher video quality experience to its Premium members.

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