Woman Tweets About How ‘Low Marks’ Guarantee Seats for Reservation Students, Gets Shut Down


Recently, an image surfaced displaying a scenario where an Indian student categorised under the General Category failed to qualify for The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). This was contrasted with a student from the SC category (Scheduled Caste) who made the cut, despite securing a lower score than the former. While various national-level exams include reserved seats for ST/SC/OBC candidates among others, an enduring concern by students not belonging to these groups has often come to light.

This concern was highlighted once again by a Twitter user, Anuradha Tiwari, who shared the image, shedding light on the perceived injustice despite their hard work. However, the tweet faced backlash on Twitter, with critics arguing that it neglected to acknowledge the necessity of the facilities provided to uplift socially disadvantaged classes on a broader scale.

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The genesis of the debate was when she posted a picture comparing the scores of two students: Aman, whose total score was 58, and Rahul, with a total score of 31. Emphasizing the point, she underscored how Aman, belonging to the general category, was unsuccessful in securing a seat, while Rahul, hailing from the SC category, was qualified for the JEE Advanced 2020 examination. In her criticism, she remarked, “Even if you study for 20 hours a day to secure a seat at IIT, your seat will be given to someone who has scored half of your marks. In India, hard work has no value. It is cheaper than table salt.”

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However, she was swiftly met with trolling and criticism. One user quipped, “Mam PCM pad lia….thoda sa social science b padh lete to kafi kuch samaj aa jata…” Another user remarked, “Tiwari ji thodi history bhi padh lo,” as many began underscoring the historical evidence of oppression experienced by such disadvantaged groups, justifying the need for these provisions.

Even famous stand-up comedian Abhishek Upmanyu even re-shared the tweet, humourously commenting, “Math Chemistry Physics padh li par history nahi padhi.”

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