WhatsApp starts rolling out new group feature for iOS and Android: All the details


WhatsApp keeps introducing new features to its platform allowing users to communicate with each other conveniently and securely. Some of the latest additions to the platform include Status Ring, forwarding media with captions, previewing links on Status and others.
Apart from its core messaging functionality, WhatsApp also offers a wide range of additional features that offer users a better user interface, privacy and much more. However, some of these features are in beta version and are yet to be rolled out to users.
Being a widely used messaging platform with multiple features, the platform has been simultaneously working on enhancing the group’s capabilities to communicate with each other conveniently and securely.
WhatsApp, in its recent update, has added another useful feature. The update adds a new accessibility to the WhatsApp group feature, making it easier for admins to manage the group more efficiently.
According to a report shared by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is rolling out a group setting for admins to help them manage new group participants. The newly added feature, dubbed Approve New Participants is available on both iOS and Android devices.
Approve New Participants: How it works
The feature is available under the group settings section. Once this feature is enabled, new participants will be approved by the group admin before they can join the group. In case the participant has used the group invite link, he/she will be then added to the ‘Pending participants’ section where they will be reviewed by the group admin before adding them to the group. When the feature is disabled, anyone can join a group using the group invite link without sending any private request to the admin.
Do note that the Approve New Participants setting is turned off by default. In this case, every participant that requests to join the group will be granted admission.

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