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GURGAON: Sukhrali lake, one of the most polluted waterbodies in the city, is all set for rejuvenation with the use of new OxTube technology, which will help increase dissolved oxygen level in the pond.
Aiming at providing clean water access, the move will find sustainable solutions to water crisis by leveraging Indian and European know-how and technology.
The lake, which is spread over 3 acres of land, is adjoined by many commercial establishments, schools and hospitals. It is highly eutrophicated owing to pollutants from incoming sewage that has contaminated the lake’s inlet source from natural streams.
With a shallow average depth of 2-3 metres, the lake has lost most of its depth due to silting and sludge. It kicks up a stink and has turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes due to build-up of debris, sludge and silt from the incoming sewage and rainwater during monsoon.
Micro Irrigation & Command Area Development Authority (MICADA) will carry out the project with funds from Indo Nordic Water Forum (INWF), the EU-India water partnership to tackle pollution in waterbodies as well as address water challenges due to climate change in the area.
“Water in the lake will be restored to normal level by improving dissolved oxygen content in the lake using OxTube, arresting eutrophication, and treating or diverting any incoming sewage before it enters the lake,” said Satbir Singh Kadian administrator MICADA.
“Periodical removal of solid waste accumulated at the bar screen provided near the inlets will prevent their entry into the lake through solids collection trap bags. Other steps like the use of bio-enzymes, sludge digestion at the bottom of the lake and manual skimming of plastic and solid dumped waste will help complete reclamation of the lake,” he added.
The project will cost around Rs 50 lakh from which Rs 45 lakh will be spent on installation of OxTube technology. Ambassador of Finland to India Kimmo Lahdevirta inaugurated the project on Monday.
“Enzymatic bioremediation and maintaining the microclimate around the lake will be a major focus,” said Kadian. The proposed solution combines OxTube technology with oxytech reclamation technology for comprehensive lake reclamation.
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