Viral Video: Bengaluru man chooses to work while watching film in theatre. Watch viral video

There are people who work from the office, there are people who work from home, but have you seen anyone working from the theatre? Well, there is a man in Bengaluru who carries a laptop to the movie theatre to work. Honestly, there have been such instances when people are seen working at most unconventional places like weddings, sometimes their own too. But, to our surprise, we have not seen anything similar ever in our lives, people argued in the comment section.
The viral video is purportedly from Bengaluru, as per what’s written on the clip. The video, as stated above, shows a man working on a laptop in a movie theatre full of people. The comment section enjoyed hilarious comments from social media users, with comments like, “Production Bug,” “When you are too late and deadline has already been met,” “He’s just working from home (WFH), etc.

The video was uploaded on Instagram by handle (bangalore_malayalis) with the caption, “just when you think you have seen everything, Bengaluru has got something new (rocket emoticon)”. The clip has garnered significant attention with more than 700k plays, around 43k likes and 54k shares.


Which city in India boasts the highest number of IT professionals?
Bengaluru is known as the IT hub of India because it boasts the highest number of IT professionals in India.When did Bengaluru become the IT hub of India?
Karnataka’s capital city Bengaluru become IT hub of India in the early 1980s, as per reports.

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