Uttar Pradesh Accelerates Industrial Growth! 7 Districts to Witness Industrial Corridor Development, Boosting Employment


Lucknow News: Motorways in Uttar Pradesh will now serve as new centres for industrial development and increase jobs there. In the state, seven new industrial corridors will be constructed along two motorways. Two of them will be along the Bundelkhand Expressway’s banks, and five will be along the Purvanchal Motorway. Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister, has requested that plans be made for Rs 3500 crore in addition to approving this proposal. This will make it very simple for industrial entities to send their items via express.

Chief Minister’s Approval Paves the Way

The Chief Minister recently approved the Industrial Development Department’s proposal during a high-level review that he presided over. For the initial phase, it was planned that 100–100 acres of property would be purchased or acquired for each corridor. UPEDA has been requested to secure the most land in the shortest amount of time while keeping the possibility of its extension in mind.For each corridor, there would now be an allocation of Rs 500–500 crore. The supplementary budget for the Vidhansabha’s monsoon session will include a $3500 million allocation for this project.On the Sikriganj to Ramjanki route, there are also prospects for an industrial corridor close to Dhuriapar. The CM will soon receive its report.

Purvanchal Motorway to Witness Development in Lucknow

Five locations have been identified along the Purvanchal Motorway from Lucknow to Ghazipur by the consultant firm hired by the UPDA. Kasimpur Viruha in Lucknow, Bamhrauli in Barabanki, Karaban in Sultanpur, Khudchanda in Azamgarh, and Chakjamariya in Ghazipur will all see the development of industrial corridors. As Lucknow is the expressway’s beginning point and already has the infrastructure and logistical support needed for industrial development, as well as direct connectivity to Delhi, the industrial corridor would be created there first. Industrial facilities and businesses looking for land for their projects will have access to plug-and-play facilities along this corridor. Similar to this, the first and second Bundelkhand Motorway corridors will be constructed in Jalaun, Banda, at Dakaur and Jamour, respectively. Unlike the Defence Industrial Corridor being created in Bundelkhand, this corridor will be unique. However, UPDA has also been requested to find suitable locations for industrial corridors along the Ganga Motorway that is currently being built.

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