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Mobile gaming has come a long way, but on-screen controls still leave a lot to be desired for serious gamers. Thankfully, there are some sweet controller options out there that can transform your iPhone into a bonafide handheld gaming machine. Let’s take a look at some of the top picks:

If you’re looking for that authentic PlayStation DualSense vibe, the Backbone One delivers with its sleek white+black design. Just slide your iPhone into the sturdy frame and boom – you’ve got yourself a Switch-style gaming grip with clickable thumbsticks and responsive triggers.

Despite its compact size, the Backbone One supports basically any game with controller functionality, so your entire library is fair game. And that dedicated Backbone app ensures a smooth setup process to get you gaming as soon as possible.

The pricing is a bit on the higher side because the controller doesn’t sell officially in India – as of writing, one seller has the product listed for Rs 8,999 on Amazon. But the model is reportedly one of the best you can get for the iPhone.

Razer Kishi V2 for iPhone

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The Razer Kishi V2 connects directly to your Lightning port for a seamless, low-latency connection with no delay or lag. The telescopic bridge design ensures a snug, secure fit while the ergonomic grips keep your hands comfy during extended gaming sessions.

But this controller isn’t just about comfort – it’s also packed with features. The pass-through charging lets you keep your iPhone juiced up without interrupting gameplay. And it even comes with Razer’s sweet Nexus app that shows you over 1,000 compatible games and lets you customize your controls.

The controller is currently selling for Rs 9,899 on Amazon. Alternatively, if you rock an iPhone 15 series model, you can also get the USB Type-C version.

GameSir G8 Galileo

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The GameSir G8 Galileo features full-sized sticks and buttons give you precise control that thumbs on a touchscreen could never match. Like the Razer, this controller also supports pass-through charging, letting you play hard without draining your battery.

What really makes the G8 Galileo stand out is its versatility. The extendable bridge accommodates plenty of phone sizes, so it’ll play nice with the latest iPhone 15 or that dusty old Android you’ve had since the Stone Age. Programmable rear buttons, interchangeable faceplates, and on-the-fly mapping/syncing round out an impressively robust package. And priced at Rs 7,999, it’s among the most affordable controllers you can pick up from its category.

EvoFox Go Bluetooth Gamepad

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Need an affordable mobile gaming solution that won’t break the bank? The EvoFox Go gamepad has you covered at just Rs 2,199. Unlike the other controllers on this list, this one features a true console controller design, meaning you cannot slide your phone in directly. It comes with a clamp that attaches to the controller from one end and your phone from the other.

Besides this, the controller has everything you’d need – gaming buttons, sticks, and even programmable macro functions to simplify combos.

The EvoFox companion app is also a nice perk, highlighting a ton of controller-friendly games across platforms to help you get your money’s worth. Sure, it’s a little plasticky but that makes it super lightweight at just 380 grams.

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