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PUNE: The season of giving in India, which begins in August and culminates in the Diwali festivities, has seen a remarkable shift in recent years. While the age-old tradition of exchanging gifts with loved ones during festivals endures, many now look towards NGOs as a source of meaningful gifts and favors. This not only allows people to show their near and dear ones how much they care but also extends a helping hand to their local communities.

Several Mumbai-based NGOs, including Shraddha, Jai Vakeel, and Om Creations, which provide employment opportunities to people with disabilities, imparting valuable skills in crafting exquisite handicrafts and gift products. While many wish to support these institutions, the process has not always been straightforward. To purchase from these NGOs, one must typically schedule an appointment and visit them, often without prior knowledge of the available inventory. In response to this challenge, an innovative online e-commerce marketplace,, has emerged to simplify the process.

A statement issued by, said that, “In a world where the aspirations of most children revolve around internet fame or video game prowess, Annika Shah stands as a young hero with a unique mission. Four years ago, at the age of 12, she launched, an online platform that aggregates products from various NGOs, showcasing them through a user-friendly website.

“The goal is straightforward: raise awareness about the incredible work done by these NGOs, support them in marketing their products, and provide consumers with a convenient one-stop shop to make purchases- essentially creating an Amazon for NGO products”, said Annika Shah, Founder of, in the statement.

Another online platform that shares a similar vision in Delhi is, founded by Sonarika Mahajan, and officially recognized by Startup India. Humanitive collaborates with NGO partners such as Parkshala, Harmany House, and Sheows. Giftables and Jhappi are additional websites actively promoting gifts crafted by individuals with unique abilities. Many of these platforms maintain a robust presence on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, which helps to spread the word even further.


As NGOs become increasingly adept at marketing and integrating technology into their operations, they are turning to digital tools and online marketing to amplify awareness of their endeavors. These online portals and websites are poised to play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between these NGOs and the end consumer, ultimately fostering a society that values inclusivity, accessibility, and community support.

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