The stunning OnePlus 11R Solar Red is turning out to be the phone bargain of 2023


What you need to know

  • OnePlus has revealed that the Solar Red version of the OnePlus 11R will cost ₹45,999 ($552) in India.
  • The Solar Red model has 18GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, double that of the standard variant.
  • It also sports a gorgeous red hue that’s made out of vegan leather, and you get 150W charging.
  • OnePlus is kicking off sales of the OnePlus 11R Solar Red starting October 8.

OnePlus just divulged additional details of its upcoming OnePlus 11R Solar Red model, and it just gets better and better. The phone will be available in India starting October 8 for just ₹45,999 ($552), or ₹1,000 ($12) more than what the 16GB/256GB version of the device is currently selling for. In return, you get more memory, double the storage, and that gorgeous red hue that’s made out of vegan leather.

If that wasn’t enough, the OnePlus 11R Solar Red features 150W charging tech, with the battery able to fully charge in just 19 minutes. The rest of the hardware is identical to the standard model, but there’s enough differentiation here that if you’re eyeing the OnePlus 11R, this is definitely the version to get.

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