Take Samsung News app for a spin in any country with this trick!


Samsung launched its own news aggregation app called Samsung News a few days ago. It is meant to replace Samsung Free, which was launched a couple of years ago. However, Samsung is currently available only in the US, with more countries to follow. But what if you want to try it out to see how it works?

Well, we have a neat trick that allows you to use Samsung News right away, no matter which country you live in. For this feature to work properly, you would need a Galaxy phone or tablet that runs a recent version of One UI.

How to use Samsung News in any country

First, you would have to download the Samsung News APK installation file from here and install it on your device. Once you install the Samsung News APK file on your Galaxy smartphone, press and hold the Samsung News app icon in the app drawer and click the i icon on the top right corner of the pop-up menu. Then, tap on Samsung News settings and scroll down towards the end and tap on About Samsung News.

Now, tap on the Samsung News text (above the version number) repeatedly until a pop-up menu appears asking for a password. Enter Carnival+1107 in the password field and tap OK.

The app will then show a button for Developer Settings. Tap that button, enable Developer Mode using the toggle, and choose USA in the Country Preset option. Once you’re done with this process, close the Samsung News app from your device’s recent apps menu.

You now need to restart your Galaxy smartphone or tablet (remember to close the app from the recent apps menu before restarting). Once the device is restarted, open the Samsung News app from the app drawer or from the news feed page on the leftmost home screen, and tap on Continue to start using Samsung News.

Note: Installing Samsung News manually following the instructions above will replace the Samsung Free app on your device. If you want to use Samsung Free as well (or want to go back to it), you will have to reinstall it from the Galaxy Store.

What is Samsung News?

As mentioned earlier, Samsung News is Samsung’s news aggregation service. It fetches news, articles, and podcasts from its partner publishes and websites and presents them to you in a neat format with minimal advertisements. Frankly, it looks much better than Google News and Google Discover.

The app has three main sections: News, Podcasts, and Following. You can follow any news source that you like, and all those followed news sources will show up in the Followed section of the app. You can opt-in to get alerts for breaking news stories. You can also manage news topics such as business, cars, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, music, news, politics, science, sports, tech, travel, and more.

It seems Samsung is planning to launch Samsung News in other countries, including Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, and the UK, in the future. We’ll be sure to let you know once availability of the app officially expands to markets outside the US.

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