Sony Unveils New Lineup of BRAVIA 4K HDR Displays


Sony is expanding its BRAVIA 4K HDR display portfolio with the introduction of the BZ50L series. Designed to cater to the specific requirements of commercial environments, these displays aim to offer amazing picture quality, reliability, and broad compatibility. With a range of features and a smart System on a Chip (SoC) platform, the BZ50L series is set to address the diverse demands of professional users. Let’s take a closer look at Sony’s latest offerings.

Features and Specifications

The flagship model of the BZ50L series, equipped with Sony XR processing technology, delivers boasts a brightness of 780 nits. On the other hand, the FW-98BZ50L features a massive 98-inch display for commercial applications.

Compared to Sony’s professional BRAVIA BZ40J series, the 98-inch BZ50L display reduces weight by approximately 22% and a slimmer bezel width by 28%. To enhance portability and ease of installation, the display incorporates ergonomic horizontal handles at the bottom and vertical handles at the top.

The BZ50L series offers several common features, including 24/7 operation, pre-set configurations, mirroring capabilities, Pro Mode, a uniform bezel design, and portrait and tilt mounting support. Moreover, the displays support multi-display installation, enabling tiling, and feature a side logo for seamless blend-in designs. The series incorporates increased internal storage of 32GB. Additionally, a new centre-alignment rail kit simplifies mounting, and the 98-inch options come with centre-aligned VESA patterns as a standard. The common chassis design allows for an easy selection of suitable brightness models without needing installation re-design.

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Price and Availability

The FW-98BZ50L costs Rs 20,00,000 and will be available via Sony authorized distributors in India from 28th July 2023 onwards.

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