Small Business Owners Embrace Managed IT Services for Cybersecurity Confidence

According to a recent survey commissioned by Cox Business, 90% of small business owners feel confident in their ability to navigate cybersecurity risks due to the support of managed IT services. The study also reveals that cybersecurity is a key driver for businesses investing in these services, with 42% of respondents preferring to outsource their IT needs.

As cyber threats increase, small businesses have become prime targets for malicious actors. “The reality is small businesses are the biggest target for cybersecurity bad actors,” said Jeff Breaux, executive vice president at Cox Business. “It is far less expensive to protect against threats than to react after the fact.” Managed IT services offer a proactive approach to safeguarding businesses from potential cyber risks.

Among the top concerns for small business owners are device viruses (42%), back-up and disaster recovery (38%), and phishing attacks (35%). The survey found that 42% of respondents invest in managed IT services for their businesses, with 71% planning to invest more in 2023 than they did in 2022. Managed IT services not only address these concerns but also help businesses improve operational efficiency and growth potential.

Beyond cybersecurity, cloud services emerged as the most beneficial managed IT offering. Among business owners using cloud services (such as desktop as a service, migration, monitoring, or infrastructure as a service), 84% felt more confident in their company’s network, while 86% were more confident in their data storage.

The survey, which included more than 500 US-based small business owners, showed that 74% of those with managed IT services felt “confident” or “extremely confident” in their company’s ability to navigate cybersecurity because of the support provided. Jeff Breaux emphasized that there are still educational opportunities to dispel misconceptions about managed IT services. Some business owners may believe their businesses are too small or that the investment is too costly. However, with the right partner, managed IT solutions can help small businesses unlock ways to improve operational efficiency and growth.

Cox Business, which includes Rapidscale as part of its portfolio, aims to simplify IT for small businesses. Rapidscale allows lean IT teams to manage the technology vital to running day-to-day operations, enabling them to focus on driving growth. With flexible management options, the platform makes technology accessible through its industry-leading management portal, empowering businesses to scale as needed.

The 2023 Cox Small Business Pulse on Managed IT Services provides valuable insights into small business awareness, understanding, and investment in managed IT services. The study uncovers how these services impact small businesses, identifying the next frontier in transformative business technology. As more small business owners embrace managed IT services, they can be better equipped to face the evolving cybersecurity landscape and achieve greater operational efficiency.

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