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2023-07-15 16:17:32

Imagine travelling by train, with your favourite book in hand, and immersing yourself in the breathtakingly beautiful views of the sun’s rays reflecting on the shimmering waters. Doesn’t it sound magical? India is blessed with stunning train routes that offer mesmerizing views of seas and rivers. Unlike other ways of travelling, trains have the special quality of making the journey itself more beautiful than the destination. In India, there are numerous breathtaking train routes that pass through lush greenery, dry deserts, snow-covered mountains, and much more. However, the routes that take you alongside mesmerising blue waters are more delightful. (Also read: Train travel hacks: Tips for a stress-free and enjoyable journey )

India’s Beautiful Train Routes with Spectacular Water Views

Trains have the special quality of making the journey itself more beautiful than the destination. (Pexels )

Dinesh Kumar Kotha Co-founder and CEO, Confirmtkt, shared with HT Lifestyle four train routes in India that provide stunning views of the beautiful sea and river.

1. Mandapam to Rameshwaram

One of the most amazing train trips you can take in the world is the journey from Mandapam to Rameshwaram in India. This train ride goes over the second longest bridge in the country, called the Pamban Bridge, which is a whopping 2.2 kilometres long. It’s the only way to reach Pamban Island from the mainland. As you travel on the train, you’ll see the beautiful blue waters below, and it’s quite exciting to cross this bridge, which is known to be risky, just to experience the stunning views.

2. Vasco Da Gama to Londa

Another train trip starting from Goa is the route from Vasco Da Gama to Londa in Karnataka. This train ride offers breathtaking views as it passes through the winding paths of the mountains in the Western Ghats. You can catch a glimpse of the magnificent Dudhsagar waterfalls from a distance. If you love the beach, you will be thrilled to see the train approaching the beautiful beaches of Goa. Hop on the Goan Express and get ready for an unforgettable journey.

3. Bhubaneswar to Brahmapur

The train journey from Bhubaneswar to Brahmapur is a truly delightful experience, situated between the Eastern Ghats and Odisha’s renowned Chilka Lake. This scenic route offers a peaceful and beautiful view of the Chilka Lake on one side and the dense Malyadri forest on the other. Bird enthusiasts will be captivated by the sight of numerous migratory birds flying over the second-largest lagoon in the country, known for its migratory bird population.

4. Mumbai to Goa

The train journey from Mumbai to Goa on the Konkan Railway is incredibly scenic. This route is surrounded by the Sahyadri Hills and the Arabian Sea, offering breathtaking views. You’ll cross numerous rivers, tunnels, and bridges, including the famous Panvalnadi Bridge, which is the tallest viaduct in India. Along the way, you’ll see stunning sights of coconut and mango trees, picturesque villages, and colourful wildflowers. When you cross the Panvalnadi bridge, you’ll be amazed by the stunning rivers flowing down to the sea.

These four train routes in India not only provide convenient transportation but also offer a visual treat to the passengers. From the stunning vistas of the Arabian Sea to the tranquil rivers flowing through lush landscapes, these journeys showcase the incredible natural beauty of India. Whether you are a nature lover or simply seeking a unique travel experience, these train routes are sure to leave you spellbound. So, hop on board and embark on an unforgettable journey that combines the joy of train travel with the mesmerizing beauty of the sea and rivers.

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