Sensodyne Partners With Top Dental Colleges Of India To Mouth Oral Health Education


As part of its #BeSensitiveToOralHealth initiative for World Oral Health Day, Sensodyne is hosting educational sessions with students across leading dental colleges in India.


The brand will partner with 136 dental colleges across India to highlight the importance of proactive oral care to dental students via educational sessions with celebrated Deans of leading dental colleges and dentists.


According to a recent study, nearly 60% of Indians grapple with oral health issues. However, only 5% of Indians seek proactive dental care, with no prevalent dental insurance. One of the key drivers behind this is the lack of awareness and education on the need for proactive dental care and oral hygiene.

A Mouthful of Students Engaged

Through its partnership with dental colleges, Sensodyne will host educational sessions on oral health, gum health and sensitivity, engaging over 10,000 students. Free dental camps will also be set up across some of these colleges to provide free access to quality dental care to Indians. To mark the occasion of World Oral Health Day, a mega culmination event was hosted across all colleges on March 20.


“Education is a crucial step in addressing the oral health gaps in our country. That’s why Sensodyne is committed to improving oral health literacy and making dental checkups accessible to all,” said Bhawna Sikka, category head, oral healthcare, Haleon India. “Through our partnership with dental colleges across India, we aim to empower individuals with knowledge and understanding about their oral health. Our #BeSensitiveToOralHealth initiative is not just about providing immediate care, but also about equipping people with the tools and information they need to maintain good oral hygiene in the long term. We believe that through education, we can inspire proactive steps towards better oral health among Indians.”


As part of the #BeSensitiveToOralHealth initiative, Sensodyne is also organizing over 100 free dental camps across approximately 80 cities to enable access to quality dental care for Indians. Organized throughout March, these camps aim to treat patients and engage with over 4,000 dentists across the country.


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