Refrigerator Buying Guide To Select The Best Refrigerator Brands In India


Refrigerator Buying Guide: A fridge is a necessity in India, where soaring temperatures can extend the shelf life of fresh produce, dairy products, meats, and more. Refrigerators are necessary for any home, but it’s important to make the right purchasing decision. Today, there are many things to consider, from choosing enough storage and energy efficiency to available space in the kitchen. With so many designs, colors, door types, and refrigerator brands to choose from, the process can be even more confusing. 

Well! To make your selection more appropriate, here we have mentioned some of the unavoidable features that you should consider while choosing the best refrigerator brands in India. These features are aimed at giving your kitchen a complete makeover. 

Refrigerator Buying Guide: Top Picks


Refrigerator Buying Guide: Budget

The price tag is a very important factor in deciding the best refrigerators in India. You can explore refrigerators under 10000, double door fridges under 30000, 5 star refrigerators under 40000, direct cool refrigerators under 15000, refrigerators under 20000, refrigerators under 25000, and if you are looking for premium ones choose the way of triple door refrigerators under 90000

Refrigerator Buying Guide: Capacity 

Choosing a refrigerator capacity is directly proportional to no. of your family member. This determines the food amount you will be keeping inside your fridge. 

For instance, if you are a small family, a 150L to 200L refrigerator is sufficient. On the other hand, a larger family of four to five members needs 250L to 350L, and between 5 to 7 member families require refrigerators under 700L

Refrigerator Buying Guide: Direct Cool Vs Frost Free

When you search for the best refrigerator online for your needs, you’ll come across two main technologies used in refrigerators: Direct Cool and Frost Free. Then you have to decide which one to go through. 

Direct Cool technology uses convection to circulate cool air inside the fridge. This is one of the best refrigerator in India as it is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and keeps food fresh longer, but it requires manual defrosting and takes up space in your refrigerator due to frosting.

Frost-free technology uses a control mechanism to evenly circulate cool air within the compartment. These fridges have more storage space, better control over cold air distribution, and are easier to maintain as they don’t need to be defrosted manually. 

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Refrigerator Buying Guide: Door Style

The next step in choosing the best refrigerator in India is to decide on the door type. There are 5 types of fridges available in the refrigerator brand market. 

Single door refrigerator is the most common and affordable type of refrigerator. It is an entry-level model with a direct cooling feature and a budget-friendly price range.

Double door refrigerator is the most common type of fridge and is usually found in most kitchens. These refrigerators usually have higher storage capacities and arrive with a myriad of features such as toughened glass shelves. 

Triple door refrigerators are less common, with a top freezer and a dedicated vegetable compartment below. Some of the latest techniques preserve freshness by absorbing ethylene produced. 

Side By Side refrigerator is a two-door refrigerator with the freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other. Some models have a capacity of 850 liters or more and also feature door ice dispensers, temperature-controlled bins, and water filters. These refrigerators are typically large with a capacity of 500-800 liters. 

French door fridges are modernist refrigerators with multiple door options, including opening pull-out doors. They are efficient and opening certain drawers does not result in a significant loss of cooling compared to other refrigerators.

Refrigerator Buying Guide: Compressor 

While looking for the best refrigerator brands in India, don’t ignore getting a quality compressor. The compressor of any fridge helps maintain the inside temperature. Most entry-level refrigerators come with traditional compressors, but as the price range rises manufacturers are moving to inverter compressors. 

Refrigerator Buying Guide: Energy Efficiency

While buying a new refrigerator online, don’t miss to check out the fridge’s energy efficiency. The energy label tells you how much electricity the refrigerator consumes per unit. More the star rating, the lesser will be its electricity consumption. 

Refrigerator Buying Guide: Temperature Control 

The temperature control feature in the best refrigerator in India is beneficial to keep food refreshed for a long time. This feature automatically adjusts the temperature inside the fridge according to the amount of food stored within. 

Refrigerator Buying Guide: Brand Warranty 

Buying a refrigerator online is not only about size, style, capacity, features, and price but also the guarantees that the refrigerator brand offers. The best refrigerator brands in India with longer warranties on compressors and other components have an advantage over brands with shorter warranties, even if you have to pay a little more. 

Refrigerator Buying Guide: Top Picks

Here we have enlisted some of the best refrigerator in India that are offering all the smart features to keep your food refreshed for a long time. 

Samsung 324 L Double Door Refrigerator – 18% off 

This Samsung refrigerator double door has an extra fridge mode. When you bring home more bags than you can store, you can convert the freezer into a fridge and get more space.

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Being one of the best refrigerator brands in India, it is designed especially for times when you are going on vacation and you have to store some food in the freezer. Samsung Fridge Price: Rs 34,490.

Panasonic 551 L with Inverter Multi-Door Refrigerator – 27% off

Panasonic fridges have intelligent sensors that monitor your daily usage pattern and adjust energy consumption accordingly. 

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Panasonic is one of the leading names in the best refrigerator in India. It has toughened glass shelves that are designed and tested for long-lasting durability. Panasonic Fridge Price: Rs 69,790.

AmazonBasics 670 L French Door Frost Free Refrigerator – 38% off

Your search for the best refrigerator brands in India can be stopped with AmazonBasics. This French door refrigerator is equipped with a water dispenser and auto-to-defrost technology that prevents excess ice build-up automatically. 

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AmazonBasics fridge comes with an in-built LED Display Panel that allows instant control and access to the temperature settings. Amazonasics Fridge Price: Rs 73,990.

Kelvinator Mini Refrigerator 45 liters – 21% off 

Seeking one of the best refrigerator in India? Kelvinator mini fridge uses R600a as a refrigerant gas to ensure that it is not hazardous to you and the environment. 

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These mini fridges are sleek, portable, and make for the perfect addition to your room. Store cold beverages and drinks right next to you, hassle-free! Mini Fridge Price: Rs 9,890

LG 215 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator – 29% Off

LG is one of the best refrigerator brands in India. It has an energy rating of 4 stars and is available with a spill-proof toughened glass shelf to keep items safe.

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In addition to this, the offered LG refrigerator comes with incredible smart connect technology and is versed with a special lattice-type box cover that helps in maintaining an optimum moisture level inside. LG Fridge price: Rs 19,400.

Refrigerator Buying Guide: FAQ

1. Are French doors better on a refrigerator?

A French door refrigerator can be best if you like to keep lots of fresh ingredients on hand, or if you often store wide or oversized dishes. 

2. How do I choose a refrigerator size?

As a rule of thumb, you want about 4-6 cubic feet of storage per person in your household.

3. Do mini fridges use a lot of electricity?

Mini refrigerators’ wattages vary based on cooling capabilities and manufacturer, but most products require somewhere between 50 and 100 watts of power.

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