Raider SIX Independence Day Update: Exclusive Characters, Missions, and More Unveiled!


In celebration of India’s Independence Day, Starlight Gaming introduces exciting updates to ‘Raider SIX,’ including new characters and features, enhancing the gaming experience with a special emphasis on Indian culture.

Updated Aug 10, 2023 | 06:42 PM IST

Raider SIX Celebrates Independence Day: Exclusive Characters, Missions, and More Unveiled!


  • Raider SIX introduces new character ‘Captain Vikram’ and thrilling 4v4 battles in Independence Day update.
  • Experience the spirit of tricolours with exclusive festival missions and legendary weapons in Raider SIX.
  • 2 million subscribers in a month: Raider SIX captures Indian hearts with unique cultural integration.
In honor of India’s Independence Day , Starlight Gaming , the Indian arm of Taiwan’s SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC., has unveiled a series of captivating updates and new features for ‘Raider SIX,‘ the acclaimed Indian Battle Royale game.

Soaring Popularity

Since its beta launch, ‘Raider SIX’ has connected with Indian gamers, achieving an astonishing milestone of 2 million subscribers in a single month. This achievement demonstrates the game’s appeal within the Indian gaming community , thanks in part to its integration of Indian culture and immersive gameplay.

New Characters and Skins

One of the highlights of the update is the introduction of “ Captain Vikram ,” an iconic character reflecting unwavering valor and courage, representing the spirit of an Indian soldier. Complementing him is a new “ Elite Forces ” skin. Joining Captain Vikram is the dynamic character “Mili,” adorned with a fierce “Purple Skull” skin, further enriching the gaming experience.

Independence Day Extravaganza

In a vibrant tribute to the tricolours, ‘Raider SIX’ offers an exclusive Independence Day festival:

  • “FESTIVAL MISSION” with iconic weaponry like tricolored backpack, AK47, NG7, glider, and more
  • Introduction of “CHALLENGE MISSION” and “PATH OF HONOUR”
  • Upgraded tutorial text for a smooth introduction to the game’s captivating updates
  • Coveted treasures including characters and Legendary weapon ‘NG7 (Elite Forces)’ through missions and ‘DELUXE PASS’
  • Doubled probability of obtaining gifts in bounty mode

Introducing “SKIRMISH 4V4” Mode

A new addition to ‘Raider SIX’ is the “SKIRMISH 4V4” mode. In this mode, teams of four raiders battle it out over seven dynamic rounds. Utilizing Battle Points (BP) or Diamonds to secure potent gear, victory is achieved by winning four out of seven battles.

A Gaming Adventure Awaits

“Raider SIX” is ready to provide a thrilling gaming adventure, perfectly capturing the spirit and resilience of the country. Starlight Gaming invites players to delve into this enthralling universe of Battle Royale gaming.

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