Pneumatic tube conveyor network at KGMU soon


Lucknow: Attendants of the

King George’s Medical University Trauma Center



) Lucknow will not have to wander from ward to lab to deposit blood samples as the university is soon going to implement a

Pneumatic tube conveyor network


This project is estimated to cost around Rs 2 crore and will take about 3-4 months to complete, thanks to the government’s recent sanction.

Chief Medical Superintendent of KGMUTC Prof Sandip Tiwari said that the

pneumatic tube

conveyor network system is a method for transferring bulk materials. The installation process will start two months after the completion of the tender process.

He said the trauma center houses units of orthopedic, general surgery, plastic surgery, neurology, medicine, and neurosurgery department. It is serving a heavy (around 300 to 400 patients) inflow of patients that keep the labs busy round the clock. With multiple tests needed for each patient, attendants are often seen moving from one counter to another.

The pneumatic tube system will reduce the need for attendants to move around. As the nurse or paramedical staff will place the sample in a specific box with details of the required tests and patient information. The box will then be sent to the lab through the vacuum tube system, reducing the time and effort required to transport samples, Prof Tiwari remarked.

To further reduce queues and waiting times for diagnostic tests,


is also introducing an online payment system. Patients will deposit an estimated amount against their central registration number, and the fee for each diagnostic test, including pathology and radiology, will be deducted from this amount. These new systems are expected to significantly improve the hospital’s efficiency and patient care. “It will be a big relief for patients as well as attendants as their time and energy will be saved,” said CMS Trauma.

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