OnePlus 11 users can now try Android 14 with OxygenOS 14 open beta programme


New Delhi,UPDATED: Sep 13, 2023 11:35 IST

OnePlus has started rolling out Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 to OnePlus 11 users in India. However, the current release is only open beta form, meaning users have to separately enrol to test the new Android version. The stable version will be showcased by OnePlus on September 25. In the coming days, open beta access will likely come to more OnePlus devices, including the OnePlus Nord 3, which was available to select users via the closed beta programme.

OnePlus warns in its community forum that the Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 beta version is unstable and users may face bugs. OnePlus even goes on to say that “by installing this update, you accept the potential risks.” The current open beta update is rolling out to users in North America as well.

OnePlus states that it is adopting a new method to onboard new beta testers. It is opening the Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 access to 5000 users. Users need to Go to Settings > About device > Tap up to date > Tap icon on the top right > Beta program > Follow the steps to apply. Ensure that the OnePlus 11 has been updated to the detectable version: CPH2447_13.1.0.590(EX01) and CPH2447_13.1.0.591(EX01). OnePlus will review the application and roll out the download package. After three days, go to Settings > About device > Download Now to download the Android 14 package.

OnePlus cautions users to backup data before signing up for the Android 14 open beta version. Some of the known issues include black screen problems, unresponsive gestures, and flashlight from the Control Centre.

If you’re unhappy with the Android 14 open beta version, there’s an option to roll back. For that, download the rollback package from the OnePlus Community forum. Then, go to Settings > About device > Version > Click Build number seven times and enter the password to enter developer mode. After that, go back to Settings > About device > Up to date > Click the top right button > Local install > Click on the corresponding rollback package > Extract > Upgrade > System upgrade completed to 100 per cent.

Users must note that the rollback process erases data.

Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 features

OnePlus notes that the OyxgenOS 14 improves photo and video-related permission management for safer access to apps. Users may also see improved system stability, the launch speed of apps, and the smoothness of animations. The new version also upgrades Aquamorphic Design with a natural, gentle, and clearer colour style for a more comfortable colour experience.

There are some tweaks to AOD (always-on display) as well. More details will be known on September 25.

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Sep 13, 2023

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