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CHANDIGARH: Ending confusion among NEET MBBS aspirants, the National Medical Council NMC has finally uploaded the syllabus for the entrance examination, almost four months ahead of its schedule. A city-based NEET trainer’s PIL in Punjab and Haryana high court compelled the NMC to upload the syllabus well ahead of NEET, scheduled for May next year.
Since the pandemic, the CBSE had reduced the syllabus, but the NCERT books remained the same. The syllabus of NEET too remained untouched. But in this current session in 2023, the NCERT removed chapters and topics in its textbooks as per the reduced syllabus of CBSE. Thus it was crucial for the National Medical Council to announce the syllabus well in time.
“Announcing the syllabus now and making it in sync with the NCERT books will relieve a lot of pressure from students’ minds. Now the NEET aspirants can plan the preparation and revision well in time as per the announced syllabus,” said NEET trainer and petitioner Dr Arvind Goyal. He said, “It would be beneficial for students if every year the syllabus is announced early and not delayed till December or January.”
Due to Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the CBSE had enacted modifications to the curriculum to facilitate ease of study and preparations for examinations while undertaking remote learning via video conferencing.
Following this, a significant portion of the syllabus was expunged from the board syllabus in 2020. In 2023, the NCERT books have also been modified and the same syllabus has been removed from NCERT books and it has been made at par with CBSE syllabus.
“However, these modifications and removals were not reflected in the syllabus of the NEET-UG entrance examination. As a consequence, students had been encountering difficulties and were being compelled to enroll in coaching centres to address the syllabus that was omitted from the curriculum of Class XI and XII,” said the petitioner.
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