Museum employee swaps original painting for fake, funds lavish lifestyle with stolen art


A German museum employee pulled off an audacious art heist that reads like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster. The unnamed 30-year-old man, working at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, not only swapped out a valuable painting with a convincing fake but also managed to sell the original artwork to fund a life of luxury, including the purchase of a Rolls Royce and expensive wristwatches.
The daring caper began during the man’s tenure as a collection manager at the Deutsches Museum, a position he held from May 2016 to April 2018. During this time, he decided to pilfer one of the museum’s treasured pieces, “Das Märchen vom Froschkönig” (The Tale of the Frog Prince) by Franz von Stuck. He expertly replaced the original with a fake, setting the stage for his plan. The next step involved a web of deception as he lied to a Munich auction house, falsely claiming that the painting had familial ties, supposedly once belonging to his grandparents or great-grandparents.

The stolen masterpiece was put up for auction, and to the amazement of many, it fetched a staggering 70,000 euros (61.6 lakhs INR). After the deduction of auction fees, the cunning thief pocketed nearly 50,000 euros (44 lakh INR) in cold, hard cash. But his insatiable appetite for ill-gotten gains didn’t stop there.


Not content with one brazen theft, the museum employee went on to steal three more artworks from the museum’s storage facility. Two of these stolen paintings, “Die Weinprüfung” (The Wine Test) by Eduard von Grützner and “Zwei Mädchen beim Holzsammeln im Gebirge” (Two Girls Collecting Wood in the Mountains) by Franz von Defregger, were successfully sold, raking in an additional 11,490 euros (9.6 Lakh INR). These sales allowed him to pay off debts and fund his extravagant lifestyle.

The court did not take kindly to his flamboyant lifestyle funded by stolen art. The convicted art thief, who later confessed to his crimes and expressed remorse, faced a Munich court and received a 21-month suspended sentence. Additionally, he was ordered to repay the museum more than 60,600 euros (53 Lakh INR).

The court ruling shed light on the man’s motivation, stating, “He said he acted without thinking. He can no longer explain his behavior today.” Clearly, the lure of luxury goods and a lavish lifestyle clouded his judgment.

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The Deutsches Museum is now on a mission to recover the stolen artworks. Efforts are being made to have the sales of the stolen pieces reversed, with one of the paintings already back in police possession. The museum has also emphasized that the stolen area was sufficiently secured, and the man, at the time of employment, had no criminal record.

Ketterer Kunst, the auction house behind the successful sales of the stolen paintings, expressed regret over the situation, stating that it was impossible for them to identify the artworks as stolen property. They have cooperated closely with the police to aid in resolving this complex case.

This audacious art heist serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which some individuals will go to live a life of luxury, even if it means sacrificing irreplaceable pieces of cultural heritage. As efforts continue to recover the stolen artworks, the world watches in anticipation, hoping for justice to prevail.

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