Munavvar Patel arrested for selling 142 mobile SIM cards on fake identities


One Munavvar Patel has been taken into custody by the Special Operations Group (SOG) of the Panchmahal police for allegedly activating 142 SIM cards using just two people’s photos in Godhra, Gujarat. He is said to have activated these cards using duplicate data of Aadhaar cards from several people.

According to the reports, SOG investigators sprung into action after receiving information from the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of the state police. The police said that about 142 SIM cards were activated using the pictures of two people but data of distinct Aadhaar cards. 

The individuals in the photos stated they had not taken the SIM cards when SOG authorities began their investigations. Additionally, they admitted to the authorities that the Aadhaar cards weren’t theirs. Five people whose Aadhaar cards were used to establish the link told the police that while the cards belonged to them, the pictures did not belong to them and they did not utilize the phone numbers that were obtained using their identity documents.

These connections listed Munavvar Patel as the agent on the client application forms. When SOG officers questioned Munavvar, he admitted that he had used paperwork to activate the cards in order to reach the vendors’ targets. Additionally, four vendors said that Munavvar utilized the data to activate the cards since they were unable to reach their goals.

SOG police inspector R A Patel said that 39 out of the 142 SIM cards were activated in the names of persons from the Panchmahal district. An offence has been registered by SOG at the Damavav police station.

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