Mobile app to keep MCC violators at bay



Will be used for processing various types of permissions sought by candidates and political parties

♦ It includes data entry of candidate details, candidate affidavits, poll percentage data, and others

ETPBS System:

♦ Facilitates the electronic transfer of e-Postal Ballots to Service Electors

EMS 2.0:

♦ Maintains the database of EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) and VVPATs (Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail)

♦ Enables the monitoring of EVMs and VVPATs at various stages during and outside of elections


♦ Used to monitor events at polling stations and field units at ECI/CEO/DEO/RO levels during elections

♦ Will be implemented in a minimum of 50 percent of polling stations

Hyderabad: Election Commission this time will be using cVigil mobile App in the State andseveral other softwares in the Telangana Assembly polls. These include Planning Portal, National Grievances Services (NGS) Portal, ENCORE, Service Voter Portal, Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS), EVM Management System – EMS 2.0, Webcasting, Observers Portal and Polling Personnel Randomization Software (PPRS) to check violation of election code

The CVigil App will help in recording, reporting and resolving violations and would record GIS location. The response will be a 100-minute timeline. cVIGIL, a user-friendly and easy to operate application, which can be used for reporting violations. The uniqueness of the app is that it only allows Live Photo or video with auto location capture from within the app to ensure digital evidence for flying squads to act upon in a time bound manner. “If the citizen wishes not to reveal their name or identity they may remain anonymous.

We shall respond to complaints within a 100-minute timeline and identify the issue promptly as GIS location will be captured,” said Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, during his recent visit to the State. The new cVIGIL app of Election Commission of India is expected to fill in all these gaps and create a fast-track complaint reception and redressal system. 

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