Microsoft announces AI-powered shopping tools in Bing, Edge

San Francisco, June 30 (IANS) Tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ:) has announced new artificial intelligence (AI)-based shopping tools in Bing and Edge, that will help users to shop and save “with confidence.”The new tools help users to harness the power of AI “to make it easier to discover, research, and complete your purchase, all in one place with information you need from expert sources,” the tech giant said in a blogpost on Thursday.

The ‘Buying Guide’ tells users what to look for in each category, offers product suggestions and shows the specifications of multiple, similar items next to each other in a smart compare table, so that users can quickly compare options without having to click around to various websites.

This tool in Bing is available now in the US and will be rolling out to other markets over time.

The Buying Guide in Edge has started rolling out globally.

The ‘Review Summaries’ tool suggests what aspects to consider when shopping for a product.

Once users find a specific product they like, they can ask Bing Chat in Edge to briefly summarise what people are saying about it online.

This tool has started rolling out globally. “Our Price Match feature continues to work for you, even after your purchase, by monitoring the item’s price and assisting you in requesting a match if it drops,” the tech giant said.

The ‘Price Comparison’ and ‘Price History’ are built-in browser features that help to make sure that the users are buying at the right place and time.

Moreover, Edge helps users to automatically apply coupons and cashback when shopping online, right from Bing Chat.

The ‘Package Tracking’ feature keeps tabs on the purchase from the Edge sidebar, so users don’t have to dig through their inbox for shipping confirmations and tracking numbers.

“Price Match will be rolling out soon in the US. Price History, Price Comparison, Coupons, Cashback, and Package Tracking are already available in select markets and built-in to Edge,” the company said.



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