Meet IAS Nirish Rajput, newspaper boy who cracked UPSC with borrowed notes; know how he changed his fate

UPSC prelims exam 2023 are set to take place in May. Millions of UPSC hopefuls are currently actively preparing for one of India’s most challenging exams. The aspirant’s selection would be made based on their performance in the personal interview after they have passed the prelims and the UPSC Mains in 2023.



Millions of applicants who are studying for the Civil Service Exam are frequently inspired by the success tales of individuals who passed it. One such success story is that of IAS Nirish Rajput, who overcame hardship and betrayal from a close friend to pass the UPSC exam.

Who is IAS Nirish Rajput?

Nirish, a native of Madhya Pradesh, was raised in a household that had financial difficulties. According to media reports about him, his father, a tailor by trade, occasionally was forced to borrow money to keep the family’s home operating. Nirish was more determined than ever to pass the UPSC examination after witnessing his father’s financial situation.

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IAS Nirish attended a government school for his education as his family was unable to give private school fees. According to a Zee News story, Nirish eventually relocated from his hamlet to Gwalior and obtained employment. He earned BSc and MSc degrees there. He frequently lacked the funds to prepare notes because of his poor financial conditions.

According to reports, Nirish used to sell papers to pay for his studies. He apparently excelled in both the BSc and MSc degrees despite this.

Friend’s betrayal

While he was studying for the UPSC, Nirish Rajput began working for a close companion who established a coaching facility and had given him a teaching position. After two years, his friend reportedly fired him from the coaching facility. After that, Nirish travelled to Delhi in an effort to change his fate.

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Prepared for UPSC from borrowed notes

He obtained borrowed money while visiting a friend in the national capital. Nirish continued to study on his own because he had no money to pay for instruction. According to reports, he failed three times. But he managed to pass the UPSC CSE exam with an all-India Rank of 370 with his determination and willpower. 

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