Jadav Payeng: IIM Shillong 16th Inaugural Day: Forest Man of India Jadav Payeng highlights importance of planting sandalwood trees

Forest Man of India Jadav Payeng highlighted the importance of planting sandalwood trees for their environmental and economic value in IIM Shillong. IIM Shillong commemorated its 16th Inaugural Day on July 4, 2023.The 16th Inaugural Day celebration featured a plantation drive led by the students and attended by various stakeholders. The event was attended by Padma Jadav Payeng, widely known as the Forest Man of India.

Payeng emphasized the importance of biodiversity and the need to educate young children about the significance of planting and nurturing trees. He envisioned children becoming ambassadors in the global movement to recreate a sustainable environment for a liveable planet Earth.

Payeng passionately expressed that parents entrust their children to nature’s care, as it provides essential elements such as oxygen, sunlight, and more, nurturing them into worthy human beings.

He urged the government to implement necessary measures to ban air rifles, thereby preventing the killing of birds. Several states have already taken action in this regard.

Payeng highlighted that the Molai forest, which he initiated 42 years ago, now serves as a home to 115 elephants, tigers, leopards, rhinoceros, and other wildlife. The forest attracts 80% of Indian migratory birds.

His dream project of connecting the Molai forest with Kaziranga National Park, a 60-kilometer stretch, is currently in progress, furthering the cause of conservation and biodiversity.
Shri Jadav Payeng Advocates Planting Sandalwood Trees for Environmental and Economic Benefits.Payeng highlighted the importance of planting sandalwood trees for their environmental and economic value. Drawing examples from countries like China and Taiwan, Payeng emphasized the need for India to increase its focus on cultivating sandalwood trees, known for their high value. He urged India, with its rich biodiversity and favorable climatic conditions, to also embrace sandalwood plantation as a sustainable and economically viable initiative.

Prof D P Goyal, the Director of IIM Shillong, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the participants of the Plantation Drive during his welcome address at the 16th Inaugural Day celebration. He extended his congratulations to everyone who has contributed to the growth and development of IIM Shillong since its inception.

In an important announcement, Prof Goyal declared that July 4th would be celebrated as Inaugural Day every year at IIM Shillong, with a special emphasis on conducting a Plantation Drive. This initiative aims to foster a deep sense of responsibility towards nature and the environment among the institute’s community.

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