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NERUL: Parents of ICSE, CBSE and IB boards are heaving a sigh of relief after the non-state school boards also began declaring early summer vacations in view of the heat wave conditions.

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Apart from state board schools, most of the other boards were to commence summer vacations for their wards from April 29 onwards. While the state board declared holidays from April 15 onwards citing soaring temperatures, parents of other boards were hoping for a similar decision.

“With every passing day, I was getting worried for the health of my child as he was repeatedly falling ill and suffering from high temperature. But the school was just not relenting and therefore though unwillingly, we, too, were compelled to send him to school. But today the school has announced that Wednesday will be the last day of the school whereas higher classes will have one more extra day to attend,” said Archana Deo, a parent of Nerul-based ICSE school.

Some other schools have decided to change the timings, which parents said, offered little solace. “It would have been ideal if the school would have declared early holidays. Instead the management has decided to change the school timing. Earlier the school dispersal was 1.30 pm instead now the timing will 12.15 pm. This arrangement doesn’t make any sense as students still have to spend considerable time seated inside the buses, which are non-AC. Just a kilometer trip had drained my daughter due to the heat. Imagine the plight of students travelling around 10 km distance,” said a very concerned parent of a popular CBSE board school in Nerul.

State board’s decision to declare early holidays due to extreme weather conditions was appreciated by parents with wards from other boards. It was earlier assumed that the government resolution will be applicable across boards, but officials from education department, NMMC termed it cannot be imposed on other boards. “The government resolution of enforcing summer holidays earlier cannot be enforced on other boards as their academic schedule is not decided by the state. Other boards may or may not follow as per the resolution, it is up to to them to decide,” said Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Education) Yogesh Kaduskar.

City based pediatrician opined that the unprecedented increase in temperature is certainly causing a lot of health issues but it can be addressed with proper measures. “There is a steady flow of kids visiting my clinic owing to the extreme weather and in such a situation it is avoidable to go out between 10 and 4 pm but if it is not avoidable then adequate measures must be taken to avoid falling ill. This includes wearing a cap, regularly drinking water, applying sunscreen etc. The primary reason for children falling ill is because unlike adults the acclimatization process takes over 10 to 12 days,” said Vashi based pediatrician Dr Madhvi Ingale.

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