iPhone 15 Pro Max may bring this huge camera upgrade


With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple upgraded to a 48MP sensor, and it seems like the next Pro iPhone models are in for some huge camera upgrades. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, or iPhone 15 Ultra could come with a newer, larger sensor from Sony.


According to tipster IceUniverse, the upcoming iPhone 15Pro Max , rumoured to be called the iPhone 15 Ultra, is expected to feature the Sony IMX903 camera sensor, which is approximately 1 inch in size, as stated by Ice Universe. This is larger than the IM803 sensor found in the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which measures 1/1.28 inches.


A bigger camera sensor allows for more light to enter, potentially resulting in improved image quality and high resolution.

The iPhone 15 Ultra is rumoured to come with more camera upgrades, including a periscope lens that could enable up to 6x zoom capability without compromising image quality. This will be a notable improvement compared to traditional zoom capabilities on iPhones, which some competitors have outperformed in terms of the zoom range.


The larger camera sensor and periscope lens are rumoured to be exclusive to the top-tier model, the iPhone 15 Ultra or the iPhone 15 Pro Max, in the upcoming iPhone lineup.


The other three models, namely the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro. There are some camera upgrades planned for the iPhone 15 Pro, but not much is known about the two vanilla models – iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

The iPhones this year will have some minor design changes. The vanilla ones – iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus – are in for substantial design changes. The Pro models of iPhone 15 series are said to have titanium frames, with an Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro Ultra. With the Dynamic Island rumoured to be coming down to the non-Pro models, the iPhone 15 series may look more or less the same, however the Pro models are said to have thinner bezels. Moreover, there will be USB-C on all the four models.


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