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Jul 06, 2023 15:31 IST

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New Delhi [India], July 6: Interview Vision, a groundbreaking platform designed to empower job seekers and enhance their chances of success in job interviews, is all set to announce its official launch. Leveraging advanced AI & ML technology and extensive research on hiring methods, Interview Vision aims to help graduates crack job interviews ten times faster.
In today’s highly competitive job market, acquiring the right skills and presenting them effectively during interviews is crucial. Interview Vision recognizes this challenge and has extensively researched the requirements of hundreds of recruiters to develop a cutting-edge solution. By identifying the specific skills strived by recruiters, the platform allows job seekers to discover their unique strengths and leverage them during the interview process.
One of the key features of Interview Vision is its AI & ML-powered recommendation system.
The platform utilizes the job roles specified by users to generate a series of questions. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, the platform then recommends the most appropriate skills to be highlighted on resumes and during interviews. This approach enables candidates to differentiate themselves from others and effectively align their skills with the specific requirements of the desired job roles.

The platform goes beyond technical competencies and acknowledges the vital role of soft skills in securing employment. While technical skills are undeniably important, Interview Vision understands that diagnosis without learning is not relevant. Therefore, the platform offers comprehensive guidance on developing and highlighting essential soft skills to complement technical expertise. By providing users with self-learning materials to improve their weaker areas, Interview Vision equips job seekers with a holistic skill set to impress recruiters.
Interview Vision is ready to introduce itself to the market,” said Avinash Singh, Co-founder at Interview Vision. “Our platform is the result of extensive research and unmatchable AI & ML technology, aiming to bridge the gap between job seekers and recruiters’ expectations. We empower individuals to showcase their unique skills confidently, effectively enhancing their chances of success in interviews.”
Rajiv Ranjan, Co-Founder, Interview Vision added, “Having a background in the field of Human Resources and interviewing thousands of candidates, I bring a deep understanding of hiring manager’s expectations when it comes to finding an ideal candidate. While often undervalued, soft skills play a vital role in securing one’s dream job.”
Interview Vision is an innovative platform that seeks to transform candidates’ skillsets by uncovering their extraordinary abilities and empowering them in not only securing a job but also to carve out a path for future success,” Ranjan added.
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