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NEW DELHI: Dheeraj, a 20-year-old who suffers from hearing and speaking impairment, was overjoyed on Friday after he landed a job at Amazon. The BA final-year student was among one of the many people with disabilities (PwD) who turned up at a job fair organised by Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled.
The fair saw the participation of 18 companies, including Amazon, Flipkart, Kotak and IBM. Of the 212 job-seekers, 115 were shortlisted for different roles.
However, not everyone returned happy. Jay, a 27-year-old from Jharkhand who does not have one arm, said, “I could not get a job because most companies said they do not have any job opening for people with one arm. I have been trying to get a job for a while now, but wherever I am going, I am getting the same response.” Karu Kumar, another 27-year-old with locomotive disability, said, “I used to run a coaching centre, but had to shut it due to Covid-19. Since then, I have been only getting some small jobs. Employers think it would be difficult to accommodate people with locomotive or limb disability.”
Kumar, who is from Bihar, added that under Section 24 of the Rights of Persons with Disability Act, 2016, the pension for a differently-abled person is Rs 3,000. “However, in Bihar, the amount is only Rs 400, which is very minimal.” The situation may not be much better in Jharkhand, where, Jay said, the amount is Rs 1,000. “In each state, the government should make arrangements to get people with disabilities employed. If not, the pension should at least be enough to run basic monthly expenses,” he demanded.
Mohit (25), who suffers from hearing impairment, said that for people like him, it was difficult to get educated as most schools and colleges didn’t have sign language interpreters. “Then comes finding a job, which is very difficult for us. There are only a few companies that employ people with disabilities for very limited job roles.” Nazzer, who also has hearing impairment, said “Due to joblessness, many people with disabilities are prone to depression and in many cases become suicidal. There are so many job roles that can be taken by people with different disabilities, and if more companies provide a little assistance and technology, more people with disabilities can be employed.”
Talking about their participation, Farzana, who works in the HR department of an insurance company, told TOI, “The job fair was good. However, we also face several challenges. Disabled candidates are often not skilled enough and have poor communication skills. More job training workshops should be held to increase the employment rate among them.” The company has shortlisted 24 candidates at the fair.

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