Heavy Rains Surge Snake Sightings In Delhi, Several Serpents Rescued By Wildlife SOS


Recently there has been a rise in the sighting of snakes in Delhi due to heavy rains.

Snake Rescue: The Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit recently rescued not one but four snakes in a day from different locations in Delhi, starting with a massive 6-foot-long Indian Rock python. With the recent rise in the sighting of these reptile rescues due to heavy rains, Wildlife SOS continues its tireless efforts to protect wild animals in distress.



The Wildlife SOS team received a call on its 24×7 emergency helpline about the presence of an Indian Rock Python at Sainik Farms in Delhi. The snake was spotted lying motionless inside an abandoned building, following which the NGO’s Rapid Response Unit reached the location swiftly.

Upon arrival, the rescuers spotted the snake behind a refrigerator and carefully extricated the nearly 6-foot-long python without causing it any stress.

In another incident, Wildlife SOS was alerted about the presence of an Indian Cobra (also called a spectacled cobra) from Amrita Shergill Marg near Lodhi Garden. The cobra, measuring nearly 5 feet in length, was coiled up in a bush inside the garden of a residence. The venomous nature of the snake, combined with the dense nature of the bush contributed to low visibility. Therefore, it took the rescuer nearly 30 minutes to safely secure the cobra and ensure its well-being.

Additionally, Wildlife SOS rescued an Indian Rat Snake from the Grand Hotel in Vasant Kunj, followed by a baby Black-headed Royal Snake from Daryaganj on the very same day. All four snakes are currently under the NGO’s observation and will soon be released back into the wild.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder & CEO, Wildlife SOS said, “Rains are always associated with increased snake sightings in Delhi-NCR. Snakes take shelter inside burrows but due to heavy downpours, their burrows get flooded. This often displaces reptiles from their natural habitats, leading them to seek shelter in human-populated areas. But our team is skilled to tackle such situations with expertise, and rescue them safely.”

Wasim Akram, Deputy Director- Special Projects, Wildlife SOS said, “There is always a lingering fear of reptiles, but due to the rescue work carried out by our team, locals have become more aware of the presence of snakes. They enquire by themselves about a particular species, to know if that snake is venomous or not. These rescue and awareness efforts go hand-in-hand and have brought down unnecessary snake mortality.”

Wildlife SOS 24×7 emergency helpline number +91 9871963535.

Published Date:July 2, 2023 3:32 PM IST

Updated Date:July 2, 2023 3:32 PM IST

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