Groups that could choose India as their next tour destination

2023-07-15 16:20:04

Potential K-pop groups that could perform in India and let’s delve into the reasons behind their selection.

Korean pop music, widely known as K-pop, has garnered a massive international following over the past decade. With its catchy melodies, synchronized dance routines, and visually stunning music videos, K-pop has transcended cultural barriers and captivated fans worldwide. India, with its ever-growing fanbase for K-pop, eagerly anticipates the arrival of its favorite K-pop groups for live performances. In this article, we will explore some potential K-pop groups that could perform in India and delve into the reasons behind their selection.


Arguably the most prominent K-pop group worldwide, BTS has a dedicated and passionate fanbase in India. Their immense popularity, energetic performances, and socially conscious music have captured the hearts of millions. Given their global success and previous tours across Asia, Europe, and North America, it’s highly likely that BTS would include India in their tour schedule. The market potential and fan enthusiasm make India an attractive destination for BTS.


BLACKPINK, a four-member girl group, has been a global sensation with their powerful performances and captivating music. Known for their fierce stage presence, catchy tunes, and collaborations with renowned artists, BLACKPINK has a significant fanbase in India. Considering their successful world tour and the demand for their music, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them perform in India and create an unforgettable experience for their Indian fans.


EXO, a nine-member boy group, has a massive following not only in South Korea but also in several countries around the world. Their versatile music style, impressive choreography, and visually appealing performances have made them a fan favorite. India’s love for K-pop and its vibrant fanbase makes it a potential destination for EXO’s future tour plans.


TWICE, a nine-member girl group has gained immense popularity with their infectious music and adorable charm. Their catchy tunes and synchronized dances have resonated with fans globally, including in India. Given the strong presence of TWICE fans in India, it is highly likely that they might consider including India in their world tour to connect with their enthusiastic Indian fanbase.


NCT, a rotational boy group known for its unique concept and diverse sub-units, has been rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Their experimental music style, captivating performances, and charismatic members have captivated fans in India as well. Considering their growing international recognition and the demand for their music, an India tour could be on the horizon for NCT.

Reasons Behind Their Selection:

Several factors contribute to the selection of K-pop groups for performances in India:

Fanbase and Demand: The size and enthusiasm of the K-pop fanbase in India play a crucial role. K-pop groups tend to prioritize countries with a significant number of dedicated fans, ensuring a successful and memorable concert experience.

Market Potential: India’s vast population and rapidly growing music industry presents a lucrative market for international artists. K-pop groups recognize India’s potential as a destination for expansion and seek to tap into this emerging market.

Social Media Presence: K-pop groups maintain a strong online presence and actively engage with fans through various social media platforms. The power of Indian K-pop fan communities on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube has caught the attention of K-pop agencies and further contributes to their consideration of performing in India.

Cultural Exchange: K-pop groups often view international performances as an opportunity for cultural exchange and to connect with fans from different backgrounds. India’s rich culture, diversity, and passionate fanbase make it an enticing destination for K-pop artists to explore and interact with their Indian fans.

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