Google Pixel production might be shifting to India due to excessive leaks


Over the past few years, Google Pixel devices have faced an onslaught of production leaks. Months before the launch of devices, the internet had already seen it all, making the actual event of launches quite boring. For this reason, Google might be moving production from its current location in Vietnam to India.

This information is not official, as it became available in the form of a leak from an X user. The post from the user (@chunvn888) is a reply in the form of a quote from Brandon Lee’s post about the latest Pixel 8 product leak. In the post, the user points out that “Google is considering switching the manufacturing line from Vietnam to India.”

From Brandon Lee’s post, it is clear that the recent product leak leaves very little to the imagination. The Pixel 8 Pro was unboxed and even booted up for netizens to have an early look at it ahead of its launch. Of course, this leak isn’t authorized by Google and might be damaging to their plans for the Pixel 8 series launch.

Will the next Google Pixel production process see a shift in location to help keep things confidential

In the smartphone industry, it is almost impossible to avoid leaks of upcoming devices. From specifications to the design of the device (CAD renderings and even actual images), everything gets to the internet ahead of the launch. But for the past few years, Google’s leak case has been worthy of an entire documentary because it’s been just amazing.

Months ahead of the launch of the Pixel 7 series, its specifications were out in the open. Weeks before the launch, its real-life images were on the internet, with people even purchasing working prototypes on online shopping platforms. Just before the launch event, the actual unboxing and startup of the coming device hit the internet.

Well, things aren’t any better with the coming Pixel 8 series, as it follows the same leak timetable. Specifications first, real-life images second, and now an actual unboxing and startup of the coming device. Lots of fans might joke around claiming that Google puts these leaks out there because of the amount of detail they bring to the table.

Now, since this recent unboxing of the Pixel 8 Pro is a factory leak, the Singapore factory seems to be taking all the blame. For this reason, Google Pixel production might be shifting from Vietnam to India. This is not an official statement, as there is no official announcement from Google on this.

In the meantime, fans are anticipating the launch event of the Pixel 8 series, which will take place in two days.

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Oct 02, 2023

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