Google Introduces Android Earthquake Alerts in India



Google has introduced its Android Earthquake Alerts in India

Published 03.10.23, 10:09 AM

Image courtesy: Google India

Earthquakes are amongst the most paralysing natural disasters known to human beings, and being unprepared for one can have catastrophic consequences. In order to better equip people for such a calamity, Google has expanded its Android Earthquake Alerts System, bringing it to India. 

The feature will use the tiny accelerometers present in all Android smartphones as mini seismometers. Through this, devices with an Android 5 or higher OS, when plugged in and charging can detect the beginnings of earthquake-like shaking. The phones can send this information to Google’s servers, which in turn sends an alert on your phone. The speed of the data or WiFi connection could ensure that people have a precious few extra seconds to prepare and take necessary measures to keep themselves safe in the event of an earthquake. 

Vedant Karia

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