Generating employment, 2016 demonetisation & more


The RBI’s cash management and the G20’s India-Middle East-Europe corridor — reading for today
A K Bhattacharya details how the central bank has deftly handled the withdrawal of Rs 2,000 notes and highlights the usefulness of having as governor a man who had gone through the difficulties of the 2016 days.
Vinayak Chatterjee gives answers to all possible questions on the G20’s corridor initiative.
The first edit draws a picture of the employment situation and links it to the work of this year’s Nobel winner in economics. The second edit says why the outlook of the International Monetary Fund has become gloomy. Add to that the gloomier part brought on by another war.

India is one of the large emerging economies that (have) been doing better than expected for quite a while now. (It) is one of the one of the growth engines in the world economy
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, economic counsellor and director of the research department, International Monetary Fund

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