From basics to advanced: How NCERT books can elevate your CUET 2023 preparation


By India Today Education Desk: In addition to being indispensable for performing well in board exams, NCERT books are recommended as a dependable source for entrance exam preparation, and the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is no exception. Of late, this national-level test has garnered significant relevance among students as it opens the door to admissions into a host of renowned central universities across India.

Here are some of the top reasons shared by Karan Mehta, Chief Product and Growth Officer, Toprankers, why NCERT books are an ideal resource for cracking CUET.


CUET involves a comprehensive curriculum comprising an array of topics from multiple disciplines. NCERT books, in this regard, enclose the complete syllabus defined by the Central Board of Secondary Education. This enables students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire subject and avoid missing out on any crucial topic.


The books also offer more than one approach to solving a specific problem. This is especially helpful during CUET preparation, as the exam demands an extensive understanding of the subject. Featuring multiple approaches, NCERT books allow students to foster their problem-solving skills and critical thinking.


Language is a fundamental element of the learning process, and NCERT books come as one of the best preparation resources with simple language and crisp explanations. This not only saves time but also avoids confusion during the preparation. Furthermore, these books are available with proper illustrations that furnish a more appropriate visual presentation of topics.


NCERT books also incorporate a plethora of practice materials for aspirants to gauge their understanding of diverse topics and concepts. They offer a broad selection of questions, from simple to challenging, enabling students to evaluate their readiness for the exam.

Also, the practice material in NCERT books is tailored to address the learning requirements of the students, which assists them in designing a proper strategy for the exam.


NCERT books are known for their simple yet detailed explanations. Prominent experts pen these books and boast clear and concise explanations of concepts critical for CUET preparation. By comprehending the basics, students can efficiently solve complex problems and score better in exams.

It is also important to note that while NCERT books can serve as the foundation while preparing for the CUET exam, aspirants should not consider them the only available resource.

Even though they underline the fundamental concepts and principles essential for success, other materials such as previous year question papers, mock tests, and online resources can provide further insights and guidance related to the exam format and the types of questions.

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