Dental Nurse Wins World’s First Makeup-Free Beauty Pageant


When you think of beauty pageants, long-legged, cellulite-free decked-up beauties come to mind. Rarely the thought of makeup-free ladies walking down a runway is invoked by the mention of an official regional pageant.

However, the new Miss London 2023 is creating a buzz on the internet for winning the ‘world’s first’ makeup-free beauty pageant in England. 

Why Was The Beauty Pageant Special?


Although many pageants out there include a round or two of makeup-free moments in the competition, it is reportedly the first time that around two dozen contestants in a beauty pageant shed their second skin for the whole event. 

During the contest, these contestants strutted down the ramp in their gleaming bare faces as they tried to impress the judges with their unaltered faces and ethically sourced outfits. 

The contest’s setting in the regional heats made it a first in Miss England’s 95-year history that a pageant was set up to allow contestants in without any makeup enhancing their sharp cheekbones. Organisers said that it was a first for Britain and likely a first for the world as well.

They hoped that the decision to alter the pageant’s traditional model would “empower women, boost confidence and promote a more realistic body image as it focuses on natural looks.”

Who Was Crowned?


By the finale of the beauty pageant, Natasha Beresford, a 26-year-old dental nurse was crowned the winner of the contest. In 2021, she started work at the Royal London Dental Hospital but now has moved on to private dental practice in Chiswick.

However, she did not enter the pageant to escape her day job. She admitted, “I find my job really rewarding, over the years I have worked in the NHS, as well as private and urgent care dental practices.”

Beresford plans to continue her medical career even after the pageant win. “For the future, I would like to do further training in dental radiography and oral health education,” she shared.

Over her future training plans, she hopes to work with outreach clinics, “I also plan on volunteering with Dentaid for their UK outreach dental clinics, where they provide dental care and oral health advice for people experiencing homelessness, survivors of abuse, families in poverty, refugees, cancer patients and people recovering from addiction.”

Unlike most Miss London contestants, Beresford has decided not to go on to compete in the Miss England finale which is due to take place later this year.

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