CUET UG 2023: These last month preparation tips will help you score full marks


The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is conducted by the National Testing Agency(NTA) and this year, over 16 lakh students have registered. CUET UG is designed to evaluate the knowledge and aptitude of candidates in diverse disciplines. With CUET 2023 just around the corner, these effective last-month preparation tips will go a long way in ensuring the success of the candidates.

Focus on the fundamentals

To perform well in CUET, one needs to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other relevant subjects. To accomplish this, candidates are advised to comprehensively revise the key concepts and principles.

Also, mock tests are an essential component of the last-month preparation strategy for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) and candidates should go through as many mock tests as possible to garner a substantial understanding of the exam.

Mock tests also allow candidates to acquire time management skills as they are required to adhere to a specific time limit while attempting questions. With frequent practice, they can become more capable of managing their time on the day of the exam.

Avoid covering new topics

Covering new topics or books may prove to be counter-productive during the last few days of preparation and could add to the confusion in the minds of aspirants.

Hence, the last-month preparation for CUET should include revising topics that are already covered. Aiming to learn something new at this stage is likely to be overwhelming and may not be comprehended clearly during the exam. Also, do not hesitate to clear your doubts and concepts.

Practice is the key to success

Regular practice is integral to any exam preparation, and the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is no exception. In the final month of preparation, candidates must thoroughly practise sample papers and the previous year’s question papers to identify their strengths and weaknesses and focus on the most crucial topics for the exam.

By devoting significant time and effort towards practice, candidates can also enhance their confidence and increase their chances of cracking CUET 2023.

Noteworthy tips for the CUET language test

For candidates eyeing an effective strategy to crack the language section of the exam, the following tips will prove to be especially useful in improving their reading skills, vocabulary, and overall performance in the test.

The Common University Entrance Test’s English paper incorporates 50 questions, of which students need to attempt 40 of them. The test is categorised into different sections including-:

Verbal Ability
Rearranging the parts
Reading Comprehension
Synonyms and Antonyms
Picking the right word

Reading comprehension tests the ability of students to understand what they read. To ace the language section of CUET, it is crucial to enhance your reading proficiency and comprehend the text swiftly. Detailed attention to the questions and identifying the keywords can help you frame the correct responses precisely and quickly.

Also, since verbal ability comes as one of the most important elements of any competitive exam, candidates must practise reading to improve their reading speed and capacity and perform well in this section.

The best approach in this regard is to read a few pages of a book on a daily basis and create notes of any foreign words. Candidates can then refer to a dictionary to identify their meanings, synonyms, and antonyms to strengthen their vocabulary.

It is essential to note that the pattern of the CUET exam witnesses minor changes every year and candidates should visit the official website and comprehensively review the exam pattern. This will allow them to understand the structure and format of the exam, including the number of sections, types of questions, marking scheme, and duration of the test.

Maintain a healthy routine and take regular breaks

Finally, candidates must take care of their physical and mental health during the revision period. Getting sufficient sleep, exercising regularly, and sticking to a healthy diet can do wonders in enabling them to give their best during the exam.

Regular breaks during preparation will enable candidates to avoid exhaustion and manage exam-related stress. It is therefore recommended to take a 15-20 minute break after every three hours of preparation which can include listening to music, taking a walk, or engaging in any other relaxing activity.

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