Chromebooks haven’t made a dent in India, but that might be about to change


The Chromebook has a decent market share in the U.S. and U.K., and while Google sought to emulate a similar strategy in India, that hasn’t worked. There weren’t many Chromebook models to start with, and those that were available were priced on par with or higher than their Windows-based rivals, and as a result Chrome OS didn’t really take off in the country at all.

That could change in the coming months, as Google just announced that it is teaming up with HP to make the best Chromebooks locally. The notebooks will be made at Flex’s manufacturing facility near Chennai, which HP has been using for just over three years now. The move allows Google to price Chromebooks much more aggressively in the region, and with the brand aiming to hit a sub-₹20,000 ($240), there’s a chance that Chrome OS devices can make some inroads into India.

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