CEO Anand Mahindra shares a breathtaking AI-generated portrait of a girl ageing from 5 to 95


Anand Mahindra, the CEO of the Mahindra group never fails to amaze us with his innovative posts on social media. Be it a visually impaired woman clearing government exams, or be it a short video of a girl aged from 5 years to 95 years.
Recently, he posted a video on his official Twitter handle, which showed a girl slowly ageing from 5 years to 95 years. The video starts with the girl’s toddler face, as the video progresses, the AI stitches together an image of a teenager, a young woman, a middle-aged woman, and finally an old woman.

The caption on the post ran “Received this post of a sequence of portraits generated by Artificial Intelligence showing a girl ageing from 5 years to 95 years. I won’t fear the power of AI so much if it can create something so hauntingly beautiful….and Human…”
The post shows a graceful transformation of a girl from a toddler to an old woman. It is amazing to see the potential of AI; How it can create stunningly real images that capture the essence of humanity.

The video has been viewed by over three hundred thousand people and has received more than fourteen thousand likes and more than 1500 retweets. The comments also showcase a diverse range of opinions and perspectives on the topic of AI and its potential impact on society.

Some call for its strict regulation, while others are comparing the advent of AI with that of electricity as one user writes:

“Nope AI is beautiful. Like electricity, it can change the world for real. Just some regulations here and there. From detecting sleepy passengers in XUV 300 to avoiding an accident, the potential is limitless to start with”

Some are calling for its strict regulation and fear that people can get carried away. One user writes “ ”It’s beautiful and awe-inspiring, and a reminder not to get too carried away and lose grasp of reality.” While some others are completely mesmerised by the potential of AI; a third user writes:

“This is really amazing and the way AI is transforming it would be difficult to comprehend. From creating images to writing books to songs the future is totally AI-driven.. hundreds of tools releasing each week giving more power to it..”

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