CBSE wants Class 6 students to learn coding and AI, to introduce new subjects soon: All details


New Delhi,UPDATED: May 2, 2023 19:54 IST

By Ankita Garg: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) seemingly wants lower-class students to get skilled in coding, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other areas. It has sent a circular to school heads, informing them about the new subjects that will soon be introduced for students of class VI and VIII as well.

It is worth highlighting that such skill subjects were so far available to students after passing class XI, but the latest circular will change this and help students in lower classes learn different skills. CBSE has released a list of over 33 subjects, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Financial Literacy, Coding, Data Science, Augmented Reality (AR), Kashmiri Embroidery, Application of Studies, and Mass Media – Being Media Literate.

The reason behind the latest move is to promote skill education in the country. CBSE wants to conquer the social status hierarchy that is linked with vocational education and intends to deeply involve vocational education courses into mainstream education for the betterment of students.

“The National Education Policy-2020 has given lots of emphasis on promoting Skill education in schools. This policy aims to overcome the social status hierarchy associated with vocational education and requires integration of vocational education programs into mainstream education in all education institutions in a phased manner,” CBSE said in a circular that has been sent to the school heads.

“Beginning with vocational exposure at early ages in middle and secondary school, quality vocational education will be integrated smoothly into higher education,” it added.

The circular that has been sent y CBSE also says, “No fee is to be paid by the affiliated schools to CBSE for introducing any Skill Module.” It further asserts that the schools should support “bagless days,” vacation time, summer camps, or activity periods to better help students learn skill modules because one will be able to understand better in practical and other environments rather than sitting in a classroom.

The schools have reportedly been told that 70 percent of time should be given to such skill and 30 percent to theory. The above-mentioned skill subjects will be of 12-15 hours in duration. Interestingly, the syllabus for coding will be designed by Microsoft itself.

Apart from the above-mentioned areas, the CBSE board also plans to introduce data science for Class 8. It even wants Class 6 students to learn about the “things (students) should know about keeping medicines at home.”

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