BTS’ Jungkook Reveals His Favourite Indian Dish. Can You Guess?


BTS’ Jungkook recently revealed his favourite Indian dish, and it will make his India ARMY crave for the same. Read full story to know what.

The mention of ‘ India ‘ by BTS members ignites a wave of excitement among the Desi ARMY.BTS boys are now discussing India more often, a notable change from the past when a simple ‘namaste’ sufficed to thrill fans. The group’s expressed desire to perform in India brings immense joy to the fandom.

During a recent LIVE session, Jungkook divulges his all-time favorite Indian dish, piquing fans’ curiosity. ‘Chicken makhani’ holds a special place in Jungkook’s heart, and he passionately shares his love for it, delighting fans.

Jungkook consistently expresses his fondness for Indian cuisine in various livestreams, even mentioning how V supported him on Inkigayo and discussing his single ‘Seven.’

Responding to a fan’s inquiry, Jungkook enthusiastically confirms that he has tried Indian food and particularly adores ‘chicken makhani.’ Fans react positively to Jungkook’s culinary preference and humorously suggest other items for him to explore.

Achieving a significant milestone, Jungkook’s solo single ‘Seven’ featuring Latto debuts at No.1 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. Jungkook remains occupied with preparations for his upcoming solo album, which may be unveiled before the year concludes.

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