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The viral video on Instagram shows a man driving his car and vibing to the popular Aatif Aslam’s song ‘Tere Liye.’

Video of laptop slipping out car window goes viralVideo of laptop slipping out car window goes viral

Enhanced internet connectivity has significantly fuelled digital nomadism, a lifestyle known for working while travelling. This growing trend enables individuals to work from various locations, fostering a better work-life balance. While many young professionals are embracing this flexible work culture, a viral video depicting a man losing his laptop while vibing in his car has caught the internet’s attention.

The viral video on Instagram shows a man driving his car and enjoying the popular Aatif Aslam’s song Tere Liye. Things turned hysterical when his laptop—kept on the dashboard—slips out the half-open window as the man took a sharp turn. The text on the video reads, “POV: That’s how you end your notice period.”

Watch the video here:

The video garnered more than 28 million views on the platform, prompting hilarious reactions from social media users. “Bro uninstalled windows through windows,” a user commented. “Laptop was having motion sickness,” another user joked.

“I can’t even do this! I work in a start up and use my own laptop for work,” the third user wrote. “Brother, I don’t want to know anything. It was damn real. Just tell me what did you explain to everyone the other day,” another user reacted.

Last year, a photo of a woman working from a scooter amid Bengaluru traffic went viral. The photo showed the woman working through the jam-packed streets of Bengaluru on a Rapido bike typing on her laptop.

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