Breaking News: Ranchi Court Setback For Rahul Gandhi | Court Denies Rahul’s Plea For Exemption |News


Updated May 3, 2023 | 06:26 PM IST

Breaking News: The Ranchi court setback for former Congress MP Rahul Gandhi The court denies Rahul’s plea for exemption. Modi Surname Defamation Case: Rahul has a sort of exemption for personal appearance. The defamation case was filed against Rahul Gandhi by a person named Pradeep Modi in Ranchi. The Gujarat High Court also gave no relief to Rahul Gandhi. He has also been disqualified from membership in the Lok Sabha, and he even had to vacate his government-allocated bungalow, which is located in Tughlak Lane. Watch the full video for more information.#rahulgandhi #breakingnews #mirrornow

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