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Bringing a major relief to lakhs of employees who come to Baddi from across India for work and thousands of tenants staying in Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh (BBN) area, local police is all set to introduce a labour and tenant verification app soon. With the introduction of this app, while the tenants and various employees of thousands of industries in Baddi will be able to get themselves registered and verified at their homes, the police department will be able to maintain proper records of all the people who come for employment in Baddi from various parts of the country.

Till date, it was on the whims and fancies of various industries to get the police verification of the employees and tenants of the area done, due to which many went unregistered, compromising the safety and security of not only the individual but also the BBN area.

According to sources, till now neither the administration nor the labour department is having any clue on the total number of labourers working in the BBN area presently. This app would record the same.

“Baddi being the biggest pharmaceutical hub of Asia, there are lakhs of workers that come from across the country to work here. We feel that their security is our responsibility along with the security of the entire BBN area. It is for this that a special app is being introduced soon, where anyone coming to work in Baddi, be it the employees or the labour class working in various industries here or the tenants staying here, can get registered and verified so that neither their nor the security of the BBN area is compromised,” Mohit Chawla, SP, Baddi said.

Chawla further said that the the registration under this app would be absolutely free.

“Once registered , the person will receive a unique identification number, which will help keep their records organised. Also the data collected through this labour app will be accessible to the police department, the labour department and the industries. It would be somewhat similar to COVID app where anyone wishing to visit any place, was required to get himself registered and then they were given passes and the details and data simultaneously reached the concerned administration also. It will not only help in providing security to the ones who come to Baddi for work, but will also be a deterrence for anyone working here to commit a crime as the records will be with the police department,” the SP added.

Chawla said that soon the police would conduct various workshops with various industries to make them aware of this app. Hailing the town’s police, the SP also highlighted that recently “Baddi police picked up the FICCI SMART Policing Award 2022 at New Delhi on September 15”.

“We have been working very hard for the last six months on this app and the blueprint for the app is ready now. Very soon we will be launching this app. We still need to finalise the name of the app but the work in this regard is in full swing,” Chawla said.

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While for the workers of the Baddi industries, it is welcome news for them. Talking to The Indian Express, Rohan Yadav, an employee at a local industry in Baddi said that an app where one can get registered for free sitting at home without having to go to the police station would be great.

“Rather, we feel that such apps should be introduced by other states too as it would be a great help to the ones who want to get their or their tenants police verification done without having to visit the police stations, that too free of cost,” Yadav said.

He also suggested that if along with the organised sector, the app is made mandatory for the labour of the unorganised sector, it would do a world of good.

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