Awareness campaign to avoid suicidal deaths of students


Siva Gorripati

Visakhapatnam: To save the students from suicidal thoughts, especially after failed in the exams, a team of psychologists formed a group to create awareness among the parents, children, educational institutions, and

teaching faculty


The Psychologists formed an organization -Tabula Rasa, a Latin word means the Human mind is a clean slate. The founder Chairman Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar Bonam and others released a brochure here on Friday. The brochure says that the country needs youth and society with them even in psychological pressure situations. Do not commit suicide.

By the survey by the

National Crime Records Bureau

(NCRB), at least 36 students (every 46 minutes one) are committing suicide, leading to 12,400 students in a year. Most of the students are in the age group of 14 years to 24 years, the expert Psychologists said.

“To avoid

suicidal deaths

, we should create awareness among the parents, students, and teachers and also create awareness on educational policies. We need to enhance self-confidence among the students. Apart from this, we need to develop not only intelligence but also emotional and social intelligence,” the founder of the organization Vijaya Bhaskar said.

The parents should encourage their children according to their learning skills, capacity, adaptability, and other qualities, he said. “There is a need to conduct mental health awareness programs frequently with psychologists to enhance self-confidence. We planned to conduct an intellectual meet to spread the

awareness campaign

with the help of the AP Psychologists Association,” he said.

The head of the department of Psychology wing in Saint Joseph’s College Dr. Raja Lakshmi, K Nirupama, Sridevi, Imran, and GA Narayana Rao participated.

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