aiwa magnifiq: Aiwa Magnifiq smart TV 55-inch review: A capable performer


The Indian smart TV market is mostly dominated by big players like Samsung, Sony, LG and Xiaomi. But other brands like OnePlus and TCL are also part of the race and sometimes even give stiff competition to the market leaders. Aiwa has been in the audio devices market (with products like speakers and home theatre setups) for a long time. For a few years in the 1990s, the company was quite active in the TV market as well but seemed to have faded.
The Japanese brand is back with its Magnifiq series of smart TVs in India. These 4K UHD panels run on Google TV and are available in two sizes — 43 and 55 inches. The bigger model was launched at Rs 87,990 while the smaller TV started at Rs 57,990, However, currently, the TV is listed on its official company website at Rs 43,990. We have been using the 55-inch Aiwa Magnifiq series smart TV for a few weeks now. Here’s our product review:

Design and build

The rear panel of the TV is made out of polycarbonate. The plastic quality seemed sturdy which felt quite smooth yet durable. A bump in the rear panel is provided for all the ports. The TV has three HDMI ports, 2 USB Type-A ports, an antenna port, an AV port, a display audio port and a LAN port on the right of the bump. While the port to connect the power chord is placed on the left side. The rear bump also seems convenient as the ports can be easily accessible even if the TV is fixed on a wall.


Bezels on the front panel are also very minimalistic. Except for the bottom part, the bezels which are placed around the other three edges of the screen are very sleek and almost invisible. The thicker bottom panel also has the company logo on it. The sleek bezels offer more screen real estate which improves user experience while watching content at higher resolutions.



Aiwa has used the Crysta Vision Technology (CVT) in this TV to improve user experience. The TV features a quad-core processor which works with the CVT to enhance its picture quality. The details that are shown on the screen are also sharp and accurate. However, in some cases, the panel takes a few seconds to adjust the picture quality while running 4K videos.

The TV also offers a 178-degree viewing angle. We have practically tested the viewing experience from multiple angles and the panel didn’t disappoint us. This picture quality doesn’t deteriorate from tighter angles. You won’t see any black areas in the panel even if you watch it from the side or at angles above 90 degrees.

We tried playing 4K videos on YouTube on the TV and it offered satisfactory output. The images looked sharp and clear at the highest picture quality the TV supports. The Ambient Light feature of this TV was also working fine. Even if bright sunlight falls on the screen while watching, The TV will optimise the picture quality according to its surroundings and adjust itself to offer better viewing conditions.

The 4K picture quality seems decent and matches the standards of the products that are available in the market. While watching various content on the TV, the images weren’t just smooth but were also pleasing to the eye.


This 60Hz display is good for both gaming and watching content. Netflix, Prime Video and other OTT app content as well as games on this TV will run effortlessly. Netflix also offers HDR-enabled content which the TV also supports. The HDR content also looked good on the TV.

Blacks on this TV are also very accurate and the panel doesn’t show much greyness during darker shots. The panel also supports anti-glare technology which allows users to watch content on this TV without eye strain.


This product runs on Google TV out of the box and will allow you to select different picture modes. The picture settings menu in the TV will also help you to set different options like brightness, contrast, sharpness and more. All the features of the latest Android TV version are included in the TV.

The remote which has been provided with the TV works with AAA batteries and has a very minimalistic look. There are only a handful of buttons available on the remote. It includes shortcut buttons for different settings and a few OTT platforms as well. The remote also has a Google Assistant button and all these buttons are quite responsive and doesn’t show any lag or stutter. This remote works on Bluetooth, so once connected you don’t have to bring your remote in front of the TV to register your commands.


Aiwa has experience in delivering fine-tuned sound quality on its devices. The sound of this TV was also dynamic and satisfying to the ears even at lower levels. At higher levels, the TV’s in-built speakers were loud enough to be easily hearable inside a standard living room without the need for an external speaker setup.

The TV also supports Dolby Atmos which can be experienced while watching content that supports the technology. Different audio setting profiles are also available for you to switch between equaliser settings while watching various types of content. The bass produced by the TV speakers sounded punchy enough and the TV can also be used as a music streaming device. Music from Spotify and YouTube Music sounded good on this TV.

You can also connect your gaming console or laptop to this TV using an HDMI cable. With lag-free and good picture quality, it will offer a decent overall experience.


In this price range, the picture and sound quality along with the smart features delivered by the TV seem quite appealing. There are TVs from other brands that are available in the market at this price segment that offers a nearly similar viewing experience. However, this TV gives other products cut-throat competition. The product can be easily recommended to consumers who are mainly planning to use this TV to watch content. You can go for it if you are looking for a good 4K UHD TV with reasonably good sound quality under Rs 50,000.


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