Air India Reaches Out To Unhappy Pilots Staff Over Salary Revision


Air India management has reached out to unhappy pilots and staff and said the changes have been introduced for the better and to become a world-class airline.

Last week, the Tata Group-owned airline announced a new salary structure for pilots and cabin crew but the staff was disappointed with the revisions. Their main grouse was about promoting captains with more than four years of experience in management.

In a communication to all employees including pilots and crew members, Air India said that last week, they announced the revision of their employment contracts and revised compensation for flying staff.

“I am reaching directly to our flying staff through this platform as currently there is no recognized union at Air India. This is within the framework of law,” said Air India Chief Human Resource Officer Suresh Tripathi in a video message.

 The airline said that the contract sent is a compilation of applicable policies and existing rules.

Wherever there are differences, their changes are introduced to have a performance and merit-based culture as would be the ask of any world-class and professionally run airline. In the last year, they have been hearing all the concerns of their flying community through various forums and constant communication, the Air India management said.

“Guaranteed flying allowance has moved upwards from existing 20 hours to fixed 40 hours. With our ambitious growth and large aircraft order, we as an organisation are confident to provide you with more and more opportunities for flying. The fact remains that at 70 hours of flying, income across the board has been increased. We are a productivity-oriented organisation, and anyone who is ready to contribute will grow and prosper,” the airline said.

Our trainers who would be investing more time in training as we ramp up, have been given a significant increase in pay in the form of both fixed and variable. There is a more than 40 per cent increase in the allowance for trainers, it added.

Air India said flying allowance rates are one of the highest in the Indian industry, with even higher amounts beyond 40 hours. There used to be a difference in flying rates in the same pilot rank which has been done away with to promote fairness.

They have introduced additional compensation during training of command upgrade and conversion training which was not existing earlier. There was not any service reward existing to recognise the contribution of experienced staff. A fixed amount has been added to salaries.

“These are all changes we have introduced for the better and to become market competitive, which was a key ask. We have also introduced best-in-class employee insurance and other benefits which were not existing earlier at Air India to support the welfare of our flying staff,” Air India said. (ANI)              

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