8 Health Benefits of Stepping Out and Enjoying Taazi Hawa


Staying outside in nature is imperative. Taking out at least 30 minutes a day can help boost physical and mental health. Wondering how? Read on to know why it is important to enjoy some taazi hawa!

A nature’s pill every day is extremely necessary for overall well-being. Day-to-day jobs and work culture have got us all caged inside the walls glued to the seats in front of screens. With long working hours, it has become difficult to step out and enjoy a calm, fresh breath of air. Stepping outdoors just to bask in the natural therapy is a very underrated thing that needs to go up the priority ladder. If might not believe it, but even 30 minutes of it has an impact on physical and mental health.



Every year, October 3 is celebrated as World Nature Day. It aims to spread awareness about the conservation of nature, climate change and how to mitigate the harmful effects. Therefore, this nature’s day let us learn more about its importance and how it in turn affects our health. It is only then we may comprehend the importance of conserving it.


  1. Good For Lungs: Stepping outdoors can help take a fresh breath of air that may help in improved breathing.
  2. Restful Sleep: Our body clock usually follows the sun’s pattern. We mostly feel awake during the daytime and more tired and sleepy by the night. staying in nature can further help to reduce the time it requires to fall asleep and also boost the quality of slumber.
  3. Reduces Stress: Regular walking has several health benefits and one of them is lowering stress. It further helps to increase concentrations of brain chemicals that moderate our response to flight or fight situations of stress.
  4. Release Happy Hormones: Stepping out and connecting with nature brings upon a sense of calmness. It prompts the brain to release happy chemicals to make us feel good.
  5. Helps in Anxiety: The chemicals that are released during and after a nature’s connect may help ally the anxiety we are riddled with every day. It gives the mental strength to deal with stress and anxiety and manage things better. Staying out helps declutter he mind.
  6. Increases Relaxation: 30 minutes of walking can be the equivalent of a sleeping pill, even for people with insomnia.
  7. Improves Self-Worth: Walking can boost your self-worth and improve your self-image in a positive and active way. Well, 30 minutes a day does the trick!
  8. Boost Immunity: If we enclose ourselves most of the time to clean and environments inside our homes, our immune system may lose the ability to assess harmful pathogens. The slightest of microorganisms outside of the house can trigger body inflammation.

Staying outdoors helps to unwind from the chaos, the stress that drains us everyday. Apart from the mentioned benefits it helps to boost emotional well-being as well. Hence, few minutes in nature’s lap can help solve several issues.

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Published Date:October 3, 2023 9:18 AM IST

Updated Date:October 3, 2023 9:18 AM IST

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