6 Comprehension Questions Frequently Asked in Competitive Exams


The result of the ISCE and CBSE boards of Class 12 was announced last week. The students are preparing for the competitive entrance exams for their desired college or university. But in all entrances, including government and bank exams, English comprehension is the most common section where one can score higher marks with a little practice and awareness. The aspirant can inculcate a habit of reading novels and newspapers daily. But every competitive exam has comprehensive questions where the aspirant has to read the passage or paragraph and answer them. Here are the 6 patterns of questions which can be asked in competitive examinations.

1. Direct questions

These questions are one of the easiest ones. Usually, they are based on facts or related to any specific information given in the passage or paragraph. To answer these questions, one has to read the passages or paragraphs carefully.

2. Main idea-related questions

These types of questions are asked to identify the theme or topic of the passage or paragraph. To answer this type of question, one has to read the entire passage or paragraph and identify what it talks about or is centred upon.

3. Primary purpose-related questions

These questions are meant to identify the purpose of the passage or paragraph. One has to understand the tone, perspective and logic of the author.

4. Inference, assumption and conclusion-based questions

There is a lot of difference between inference, assumption and conclusion. To tackle these questions, one needs to use analytical and logical skills. For this, read the passage or paragraph very carefully and identify what the author is trying to deliver.

5. Paraphrase related questions


These are one of the simplest questions if asked in a competitive exam. One has to understand the important topic of the story and rewrite it again with no errors.

6. Title-related questions

In this, read the entire passage carefully to understand the theme and give a catchy yet sensible headline or title that summarises the passage or paragraph.

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first published: May 17, 2023, 10:28 IST

last updated: May 17, 2023, 10:36 IST

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